Music, Sports & Societies

圣安妮的学生可以参加许多体育运动和其他活动, including the musical, literary and artistic side of College life.



圣安妮有一个蓬勃发展的音乐现场,为各级演奏家提供机会. Whether you’re the next Sir Simon Rattle or Mr. Hudson (both St Anne’s alumni), or just enjoy a casual jam now and again, you will certainly find what you’re looking for here at St Anne’s.

The St Anne’s Music Society is a student-led umbrella organisation for the various College music ensembles; it organises termly showcase concerts giving students a chance to perform.


STAcapella is a non-auditioning and informal acapella choir. It meets once a week during term time and performs regularly. The College’s non-auditioning orchestra, ensemble ANNIE, rehearses weekly, 演奏莫扎特、汉斯·季默等作曲家的作品和学生作品. St Anne 's Swingers是一个在牛津附近演奏摇摆乐、爵士乐和灵魂乐的大型乐队. 无论你对音乐有什么兴趣或经历,总会有适合你的.

In addition, 正规赌足球的软件为乐器演奏家和歌手提供音乐奖学金, as well as hosting an annual composition competition.

Facilities include four practice rooms with upright pianos, and an ensemble room with a grand piano and a drum kit. 全年都有很多表演机会:从表演艺术到酒吧的开放麦之夜, 观看在MOLT(玛丽·欧吉维演讲厅)举行的音乐会.



St Anne’s can offer some great artistic opportunities, 无论你是一个艺术鉴赏家还是只是想尝试一些新的东西. 每年的活动主要由学生主导和按需组织.

每学期都有素描工作坊,通常很受欢迎,成本也很低. There will sometimes be a ‘Writer’s Forum’, bringing in speakers from the world of writing, publishing and the creative industries to talk at St Anne’s. If spoken word is your thing, 如果你对舞台感兴趣的话,圣安妮酒吧会定期举办开放麦之夜, the Drama Society is the place for all budding thespians.


一年一度的圣安妮艺术周是在三一学期举行的庆祝学院人才的活动. Events have included a talk from award winning author Ali Smith, Bollywood dancing classes, film screenings, 以及发生在大学酒吧的戏剧作品《正规赌足球软件》.

MOLT有定期的电影放映,正规赌足球软件也坐落在非常靠近凤凰电影院, an independent cinema in the heart of Jericho. 如果你更喜欢摄影,学院有自己的暗房和学生美术室!



该学院有大量的运动队,学生可以使用现场的体育馆和附近有橄榄球场地的运动场, hockey, 足球场、板球场及三个硬网球场(与圣约翰书院共用). 正规赌足球软件靠近大学公园也意味着许多学生有机会去慢跑, play Frisbee, or kick a ball about for a few minutes during the day.





An established part of the college sporting scene, 正规赌足球的软件羽毛球俱乐部提供了学习新事物和保持健康的绝佳机会. 每个人都欢迎参加每周六的会议:从完全的初学者到更有经验的玩家.

Cricket & Rounders

Cricket at Anne's is very popular and very laid back! We pride ourselves on providing for everyone, those who have played, never played, and even those who have never heard of cricket before.

Rounders is the perfect relaxed summer sport, 所以留意夏季联赛的球队和一些有趣的杯赛在三一学期.


For men, the St Anne’s Football Club, better known as the Mint Green Army (MGA), has three teams catering for all levels of ability. 除了牛津最好的球场和装备,MGA也因其著名的咖喱之夜而闻名!

The Saints are a joint women's team with St John's College. With weekly training sessions and regular matches, 圣徒是一个非常友好的团队,这是一个认识来自其他学院的人的好机会.


Recently formed, 圣安妮的混合冰球队在过去的一年里一直在成长,但总是需要更多的球员! So whatever your level of skill or interest, 球队肯定需要你,所以不要犹豫,成为其中的一员,享受一些校际曲棍球. 正规赌足球软件加入了女王学院,所以这也是认识新朋友的好机会.


正规赌足球软件的混合无挡板篮球队在周四午餐时间进行比赛,所以这不是一个紧张的承诺, but definitely a good opportunity to get in a quick run around, meet people from other years, and, win or lose, always leave the games smiling!

这个团队很有趣,充满活力,经常在比赛后一起吃午饭. 他们欢迎尽可能多的新玩家,不管你的能力或经验如何. 


St Anne’s Boat Club attracts a large number of students, many of whom have never rowed before coming to university. 划船俱乐部的成员范围很广,从新生到入围者都有, members of the JCR and MCR, 访问学生是了解其他年级群体的有趣方式.

Visit the St Anne's Boat Club website for news and updates.


St. Anne’s / St John’s joint Rugby Team (A.K.A. 圣徒队(The Saints)在优秀的体育水平和热闹的社交场面之间取得了平衡. 圣徒仍然是所有的包容性和开放的经验水平.


College tennis is another great way to spend summer in Oxford, 联赛和杯赛贯穿整个圣三一学期. 正规赌足球软件的3个硬地球场与伍德斯托克路上的圣约翰球场共用,确保你不会局限于夏天的比赛.


Faith Groups

Whatever your religion, 你会找到一个能让你认识志同道合的人的社会或团体, whether that be in College or across the wider University.

Groups include the St Anne's Christian Union, Jewish Society, Islamic Society,  Sikh Society and HUM (for Hindu and wider Indian cultural events).

Classics Society

正规赌足球的软件古典文学协会的存在是为了促进学生和导师之间的互动. The Society organises a guest lecture every term, helps coordinate the Brasenose-St Anne's Classical Symposium, and hosts a variety of social events. 在过去的十年中,正规赌足球软件还安排了8次康沃尔的夏季读书聚会和一次那不勒斯湾库马的弗吉尼亚别墅之旅.

St Anne's Classics Society: recent meetings and trips.

Geology Society

The St Anne's Geology Society (STAGS) includes the undergraduates, 圣安妮大学地球科学系的正规赌足球的软件生和导师. Every year, they organise events including Freshers’ Welcome Drinks in Michaelmas; and a Mapping Dinner in Hilary, 学生在那里展示他们的本科测绘项目和其他活动, 鼓励和建议一年级和二年级学生准备他们的项目.